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Advertise on bus stops/bus shelters to reach drivers and pedestrians in a cost-effective way. Bus stop ads are available in almost each city across the country and are a great supplement to almost any other format.




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Format Rate
Bus Stop/Shelter Range of $150 - $600 for small to medium size markets and $3,000 to $6,500 for high-income areas -- per ad per 4 week period
Bus Stop/Shelter, Digital/LED/Video Range of $3,000 - $6,500 per ad per 4 week period

Range of rates depends on timing and market.

Minimum Purchase:

Minimum of 15 to 100 ads per month, depending on the medium, timing and market.

All rates and minimum purchase figures depend on the medium, timing and market and may change without notice.


Government and nonprofit organizations may receive a discount on advertising media.



See below for the estimated number of times a bus stop shelter ad is seen (i.e., estimated bus shelter advertising impressions or views) and the average bus stop shelter size/dimensions and specifications.

Range of impressions/views depends on location.

(Lead time is approx. 3 weeks. Can be reduced in certain cases.)

Format Est. Impressions/Views
Bus Stop/Shelter Range of 9,000 to 17,000 per ad per day.
Size: 47.5" W x 68.5" H, 48" W x 69" H or 48" W x 72" H
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