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Get your hands on coffee cup sleeve advertising in over 200 cities across the United States with one coffee cup ads firm. Reach a sought-after demographic with an ad that is literally in the palm of their hand: coffee cup ads

Located on sleeves that protect coffee drinkers from hot coffee, the ads are printed in 4 colors and distributed to coffee shops around the country. And the sleeves are also wrapped around hot drinks other than coffee.

Although coffee sleeve ads are not available in some chains, included Starbucks, Pete's and Coffee Bean, the sleeves are distributed to thousands of coffee shops across the country. These shops are frequented by a variety of demographics -- especially the coveted 18 to 34 year old groups.




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Why a range of rates? [X]

Range of $950 - $2,450 per shop per 4 week period for all coffee sleeve ads in shop.

Minimum Purchase:

Minimum of 10 to 50 coffee shops, depending on timing and market.

Coffee cup ad rates and minimum ad figures depend on timing, market and quantity of shops. Availability may change without notice.


Government and nonprofit organizations may receive a discount on coffee cup advertising.



Approx. 10.5" W x 4" H

(Lead time is approx. 3 weeks. Can be reduced in certain cases.)

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