Phoenix Bus Ads

Bus ads in Phoenix, AZ on Valley Metro buses, Phoenix bus shelter ads and Phoenix bench ads (which are known as street furniture advertising) are an effective way of targeting city residents. Through ads on the sides and backs of buses, advertisers can successfully reach people that block out television, radio and internet ads.

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Recent Campaign on Phoenix Buses

Phoenix Bus Stop Shelter Advertising

The Culinary Festival promoted its program in the Scottsdale area of Phoenix on bus ads and bus stop shelter ads.

Phoenix, AZ Bus Advertising Data

No. of Buses in Fleet 800 (approx.)
Monthly Ridership 5,896,653 (approx.)
DMA No. 12
Race White 46%
Black 7%
Hispanic 41%
Other 6%
Median Income $47,866
Median Age 32

Phoenix, AZ Bus Advertising Rates

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(Average per display per 4 week period)

Bus Exterior Ads $300 - $6,500
Bus Interior Ads $35 - $85
Bus Stop Shelter Ads $500 - $900
Bench Ads $250 - $450

Map of Phoenix Bus Routes

Phoenix Bus Routes Map

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