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What is supermarket advertising? The definition of supermarket advertising is advertising displays placed in various parts of a supermarket, including on shopping carts, shelves, register receipts and related items.

Get supermarket advertising and grocery store advertising in over 250 cities with a single supermarket ads company. In-store advertising techniques include shelf advertising, shopping cart advertising, receipt advertising and checkout divider advertising.

Shelf Display Advertising: Shelf display ads are typically small placards that are placed on products shelves that promote new products or special deals.

Shopping Cart Advertising: Ads on shopping carts are generally placed in one of three locations: (1) the display in the child seat, (2) the display inside the front end of the cart and (3) the display outside the front end of the cart. Shopping cart ads are also known as SmartSource(TM) Carts.

Register Receipt Advertising: Advertising on the back of receipts (often referred to as register tape advertising) is a classic way to deliver coupons to consumers. Studies have shown that a high percentage of shoppers retain the coupons or offers on the back of grocery store receipts to use on a future shopping day.

Checkout Divider Advertising: Checkout lane divider advertising is a common and inexpensive way to reach the shopper in a captive setting. The grocery divider advertisements contain bold graphics and images that resonate with consumers long after the shopping is done.

Also consider convenience store / liquor store advertising.

Recent Campaigns

Humana Insurance Advertises on Supermarket Shopping Cart Ads for Open Enrollment and Medicare

For Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act and Medicare insurance, Humana advertised on shopping carts in supermarkets in over 1,800 stores in dozens of markets across the United States.

See more pics of Humana's ads on shopping carts.

Cal Lutheran University Advertises on Supermarket Shopping Carts

Cal Lutheran University used shopping cart ads to recruit students. The ads were placed on the nose of the carts where they are seen by shoppers in supermarkets.

By placing the ads on the outside of the nose of the carts, the university is sure to reach both the cart pusher and others in the store.

See more pics of Cal Lutheran University's ads on shopping carts.




Supermarket advertising rates are set forth below.

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Format Rate
Shelf Range of $800 - $1,500 per store per 4 week period
Shopping Cart Range of $650 - $900 per store per 4 week period
Receipt (Register Tape) Range of $500 - $750 per store per 4 week period
Checkout Divider Range of $200 - $450 per store per 4 week period

Range of rates depends on the timing and market.

Minimum Purchase:

Minimum of 10 to 50 stores, depending on timing and market.


Government and nonprofit organizations may receive a discount on grocery store advertising.



(Lead time is approx. 8 to 10 weeks. Can be reduced in certain cases.)

Format Views/Impressions
Shelf Size: 6” W x 8.125” H
Shopping Cart Size: 9.938" W x 7.813" H
Receipt (Register Tape) Size: Single – 2.75” W x 1.375” H; Double – 2.75" W x 2.9" H
Checkout Divider Size: Varies by market
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