Philadelphia Bus Ads

Get your fill of bus advertising in Philadelphia, PA to make news about your company's newest happenings, including new products and services. Ads on Philadelphia SEPTA buses and bus stops is an outstanding way to increase market share in the City of Brotherly Love.

Get additional information on Philadelphia SEPTA bus ad options and then include the ad format in your marketing mix.

Recent Campaigns on Philadelphia Buses

Deal Dash advertises its online bidding system inside the Philadelphia SEPTA transit system. The ads are intended to create awareness amongst people who have time to focus on website while riding public transportation.

Social Gaming Network (SGN) advertises its app to Philadelphia commuters. People that commute using public transportation are a "captive audience" for this kind of advertising.

Philadelphia SEPTA Bus Advertising Data:
• No. of Buses in Fleet: 2,000 (approx.)
• Monthly Ridership: 16,500,000 (approx.)

DMA Rank:
No. 4

• White: 39%
• Black: 44.2%
• American Indian: 0.2%
• Hispanic: 12.5%
• Asian: 3%
• Other: 1.1%

Median Income:

Median Age:


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Bus Exterior Ads: Range of $485 - $8,000 per ad per 4 week period

Bus Stop / Bus Shelter Ads: Range of $1,300 - $2,700 per ad per 4 week period (and less in suburban areas).

Bus Interior Ads: Range of $30 - $80 per ad per 4 week period

Range of rates depends on the ad size, timing and quantity purchased. Certain minimum purchase requirements apply. Additional discounts may be available based on duration and quantity purchased.

Map of Philadelphia Bus Routes:

Philadelphia Bus Routes Map