Chicago Bus, Bus Stop Shelter and Bench Ads

Incorporate bus, bus stop shelter and bench advertising in Chicago, IL as part of your outreach plan to see great results right away. Advertising on Chicago buses, bus stop shelters and benches is a great way to get the word out about a product or service in the Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

Check out the Chicago bus advertising choices and then put the bus ads in your marketing plan.

Recent Campaigns on Chicago Buses

F5 advertised on Chicago bus stop shelters for a technology conference. The ads are near the convention center, key hotels and the business district to reach convention attendees.

Chicago Advertising Data:

DMA Rank:

No. 3


  • White: 57.5%
  • Black: 17.8%
  • American Indian: 0.2%
  • Hispanic: 18.1%
  • Asian: 4.8%
  • Other: 1.6%

Median Income:


Median Age:



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Bus Exterior Ads: Range of $450 - $7,500 per display per 4 week period

Bus Stop / Bus Shelter Ads: Range of $1,000 - $5,000 per display per 4 week period (and less in suburban areas).

Bus Interior Ads: Range of $45 - $95 per display per 4 week period

Bench Ads: $300 - $600 per display per 4 week period

Range of rates depends on the ad size, timing and quantity purchased. Certain minimum purchase requirements apply. Additional discounts may be available based on duration and quantity purchased.

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