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What is indoor advertising? The definition of indoor advertising is advertising displays that are placed inside venues such as restaurants and bars and generally includes restroom advertising.

Get indoor advertising -- including restroom ads (also known as urinal advertising or bathroom advertising) -- in over 200 markets across the United States with a single restroom ads company. Advertising inside restrooms in restaurants and bars reaches a demographic that can't be beat. Restroom advertising is a form of indoor advertising that is highly desirable and effective.

Restroom ads are placed on walls of restrooms in bars and restaurants and are visible to patrons of those venues. Organizations and companies that succeed with restroom stall ads include those that sell packaged-goods, fast food and beverages. And not for profit entities that have great results with indoor ads include local health departments, transportation agencies and related offices. (A restroom is sometimes referred to as a water closet or WC.)

Check out Uber's recent restroom ads in bars and restaurants.

And also check out these restroom and coaster ads by Eat24 (Yelp).

Get restroom advertising on your marketing plan today!

Recent Campaign

Eat24 (Yelp) Advertised Inside Restrooms and On Coasters Inside Select Bars

Eat24 (Yelp) used restroom ads and coaster ads to reach patrons of particular bars and restaurants in a certain geographic area selected by Eat24.

The ads contained playful copy which were designed to catch patrons' attention.

See more pics of their ads.

Uber Advertised Inside Bar and Restaurant Restrooms.

Using restroom ads, Uber reached its target demographic inside restrooms of bars and restaurants: individuals who may have traditionally relied on a taxi to get home.

The copy included catching taglines such as "Touch a button, get a ride" and "Your on-demand designated driver.".

See the campaign page that includes ad photos.




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Range of $300 - $600 per ad per 4 week period.

Minimum Purchase:

Minimum of 10 to 50 restroom ads, depending on timing and market.

All restroom ad rates and minimum ad figures depend on timing and market and availability may change without notice.


Government and nonprofit organizations may receive a discount on indoor advertising, including restroom advertising.



Men's: 17" W x 22" H; Women's: 17" W x 33" H; Mirror Clings in Either Gender: 16" W x 20" H

(Lead time is approx. 3 weeks. Can be reduced in certain cases.)

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