St Louis Bus Ads

St Louis bus ads are big, bold and beautiful. The ads are on METRO Transit St Louis transit system, which boasts ridership of approximately 46 million annually, comprised of 29 million bus riders and 17 million Metro Link (light rail) riders. Bus and rail advertising on St Louis METRO vehicles and stations is the ultimate way to reach citizens of this great city.

And 350 METRO bus shelter are also available for advertising throughout the city. The same bus shelters are also available for full wraps.

St Louis Bus Advertising Data:
• No. of Buses in Fleet: 350 (approx.)
• Monthly Ridership: 3,920,000 (approx.)

DMA Rank:
No. 21

• White: 44%
• Black: 50%
• American Indian: 1%
• Hispanic: 3%
• Asian: 1%
• Other: 1%

Median Income:

Median Age:


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Bus Exterior Ads: Range of $350 - $8,000 per ad per 4 week period

Bus Stop / Bus Shelter Ads: Range of $400 - $650 per ad per 4 week period (and less in suburban areas).

Bus Interior Ads: Range of $35 - $85 per ad per 4 week period

Range of rates depends on the ad size, timing and quantity purchased. Certain minimum purchase requirements apply. Additional discounts may be available based on duration and quantity purchased.

Map of St Louis, MO Bus Routes:

St Louis Bus Routes Map

Map of St Louis, MO Bus Shelters:

St Louis Bus Shelters Map