OhioHealth Promotes Its Programs and Services With Various Advertising Formats

February 5, 2018

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OhioHealth, a nonprofit healthcare provider, has entered into its second year of using various out of home advertising formats to promote its programs and services.

The list of ad formats includes:

  • Movie Theater Ads
  • Bench Ads
  • Shopping Cart Ads
  • Bar/Restaurant Coaster Ads
  • Bar/Restaurant Restroom Ads
  • Gas Pump Nozzle Ads
  • Door Hanger Ads

The ads are distributed throughout the state, including rural areas where state residents may not be aware of OhioHealth's programs and services.

Some of the ads promote the Sexual Violence Helpline, which is funded through a partnership between OhioHealth and the Ohio Attorney General. Other ads promote new free standing emergency departments (FSED). The rest of the ads brand OhioHealth for consumers to recognize the name.

With many of the ad formats, OhioHealth is able to choose locations/venues in certain geographic areas and zip codes in order to target underrepresented populations.

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