Billboard Advertising in Omaha, NE

Home to the Oracle of Omaha, this city has billboards that are bigger than life. Both static and digital billboards are available all over the city, including in the downtown areas, suburbs and in the busy nightlife areas. Most advertisers use billboards year round to get their message across on a daily basis and periodically change the creative to make the most of their time.

Omaha, NE Billboard Advertising Data

No. of Billboards 100 (approx.)
Population 446,956 (approx.)
DMA No. 76
Race White 67%
Black 12%
Hispanic 14%
Other 7%
Median Income $52,672
Median Age 34

Omaha, NE Billboard Advertising Rates
(average per location per 4 weeks)

Bulletin (Large Billboard) $1,500
Digital Bulletin (Large Digital Billboard) $2,500
30 Sheet Poster (Medium Billboard) $800
Digital 30 Sheet Poster (Medium Digital Billboard) $1,200

Map of Omaha Billboards: