Seattle Bus Ads

Get your ads on buses in Seattle, WA (King County) to get maximum impact for your advertising plan. Advertising on Seattle King County Metro buses and Tacaoma bus stop shelters is a good idea to increase exposure to city residents.

Get more information about Seattle King County Metro bus ad choices and then email us to get detailed info.

Seattle King County Metro Bus Advertising Data:

  • No. of Buses in Fleet: 1,800 (approx.)
  • Monthly Ridership: 11,835,000 (approx.)

DMA Rank:

No. 14


  • White: 66.3%
  • Black: 7.9%
  • American Indian: 1%
  • Hispanic: 6.6%
  • Asian: 13.8%
  • Other: 4.4%

Median Income:


Median Age:



Bus Exterior Ads: Range of $500 - $7,500 per ad per 4 week period

Bus Stop / Bus Shelter Ads: Range of $600 - $950 per ad per 4 week period.

Bus Interior Ads: Range of $35 - $95 per ad per 4 week period

Range of rates depends on the ad size, timing and quantity purchased. Certain minimum purchase requirements apply. Additional discounts may be available based on duration and quantity purchased.

Map of Seattle Bus Routes:

Seattle - Northwest
Seattle Bus Routes Map - Northwest
Seattle - Northeast
Seattle Bus Routes Map - Northeast
Seattle - Central
Seattle Bus Routes Map - Central
Seattle - Southwest
Seattle Bus Routes Map - Southwest
Seattle - Southeast
Seattle Bus Routes Map - Southeast