New Orleans Bus and Bus Stop Shelter Ads

In the Big Easy, bus ads and bus stop shelter ads (which are known as street furniture advertising) are available for advertising. New Orleans bus ads on NORTA buses are colorful and bright and in people's faces as they drive or walk aroud town. Advertising on street cars (rail cars) and bus stop shelters in New Orleans is also available for New Orleans transit advertising options.

Note: Blue Line Media obtains bus ads from the transit authority's management company.

Recent Campaign in New Orleans

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advertised on New Orleans city bus stop shelters to tell city residents about options for people living with AIDS.

New Orleans, LA Bus Advertising Data

No. of Buses in Fleet 90 (approx.)
Monthly Ridership 1,080,000 (approx.)
DMA Rank 53
Race White 31%
Black 59%
Hispanic 6%
Other 4%
Median Income $38,681
Median Age 36

New Orleans, LA Bus Advertising Rates

(Average per display per 4 weeks.)

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Bus Exterior Range of $430 - $5,100 per display per 4 week period.
Bus Interior Range of $45 - $90 per display per 4 week period.
Bus Stop Shelter Range of $400 - $575 per display per 4 week period.

Map of New Orleans, LA Bus Routes

Zip Codes 70032 70043 70112 70113 70114 70115 70116 70117 70118 70119 70122 70124 70125 70126 70127 70128 70129 70130 70131 70139 70142 70145 70146 70148 70150 70151 70152 70153 70154 70156 70157 70158 70159 70160 70161 70162 70163 70164 70165 70166 70167 70170 70172 70174 70175 70176 70177 70178 70179 70182 70184 70185 70186 70187 70189 70190 70195 70458 70461
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