How to Advertise on Taxi Cabs in 5 Easy Steps

Taxi advertising is one of the strongest ways to get ads in front of a traveling, commuting or conference-attending audience. Blue-chip companies, not-for-profit organizations and federal government agencies consistently use this ad format to reach an audience that's on the go. Check out this brief article to get information on how to advertise on taxi cabs in five easy steps.

1. Select the Cities

Almost every medium- and large-size city in the United States has a taxi cab fleet that permits advertising on the roofs, trunks or sides of the taxi. The taxi fleets range from traditional yellow cabs or vans to fuel-efficient hybrids that are eco-friendly. Markets such as New York City, Chicago and Las Vegas make up the large-size cities, and markets like Tacoma, Kansas City, and Jacksonville comprise the medium-size markets.

2. Opt for the Preferred Taxi Ad Format

Various taxi advertising formats are available. The taxi top ad format is the most well-known format across the country. Two-sided and usually backlit, the taxi topper reaches pedestrians, drivers and taxi users. Other advertising formats include taxi trunks, door wraps and full wraps. Advertisers sometimes combine different ad formats to reflect their creativity and individuality.

3. Estimate a Dedicated Dollar Amount

Calculating the amount of money that is available for this type of advertising is critical, because this step will concentrate the advertising effort on ad formats that are within the existing budget. Computing a financial budget as part of the process will focus the planning on the cities and quantities that will fit into the available budget. And such calculations will ensure that valuable time is not spent on exploring markets or ad formats that are not financially feasible. Most folks in the field recommend spending about $10,000 to $20,000 per 4 week period for large-size markets, and about three-quarters of that amount in medium-size markets.

4. Choose a Date to Start the Ads

The next step is to select a date for the advertising to begin. Most outdoor advertising begins on a Monday, and taxi ads are no exception. Most large markets, such as New York City and Las Vegas, sell out quickly, so it's important to act quickly to reserve space. High-demand months include the summer months, convention months and the holiday season.

Advertisers can select any number of 4-week periods for an advertising run. The most common advertising duration is an 8-week period, which gives advertisers enough time to communicate the ad to their demographic. Sometimes, a 2-week ad period is permitted, especially around a convention which only lasts a few days.

5. Connect With a Taxi Advertising Company for a No-Obligation Proposal

With the initial four steps out of the way, it is now time to connect with a taxi ads company to get a no-obligation proposal for your wished-upon time period. Be sure to have a budget and list of cities ready before calling or emailing for the quote. Companies such as Blue Line Media can provide taxi ad space all over the United States, including the production and installation required to get the ads up in an orderly fashion.

To begin taxi advertising with Blue Line Media, select this link to see all the markets, rates and available ad formats.

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