W. Virginia Dept of Transportation Places DUI Prevention Ads in Restaurant and Bar Restrooms and on Bar Coasters and Table Tents

Dec. 15, 2016

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The West Virgina Dept of Transportation, through its Governor's Highway Safety Program (GHSP), has placed DUI prevention ads in restaurant and bar restrooms and on bar coasters and table tents in those venues.

The ads appear during the holiday season when some restaurant and bar patrons may overdrink. The ads remind them that "If You Drink, Don't Drive." And then in big, bold, all-caps letters: "DON'T DUI-IT." The ads also feature a graphic of a vehicle that is half police cruiser and half taxi.

Inside the restrooms, the ads appear above urinals or next to the sink. The ads also appear on mirror clings, which make them almost unavoidable when washing hands. In the eating area of the restaurants and bars, the ads are printed on bar coasters used drinks and on table tents that float around on tables and on the bar.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP) is the lead agency for West Virginia’s participation in federally mandated and funded highway safety improvement measures. The purpose of GHSP is to encourage, promote, and support highway safety throughout West Virginia.

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