Tylenol Taxi Ads Reach Convention Attendees

Oct 29, 2013

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For its most recent convention, Johnson & Johnson turned to Blue Line Media to execute a taxi staging. In other words, to place ads on tops of taxis that travel around the convention center in a caravan. The taxis ran one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon on the weekend days of the conference.

With heavy traffic around the convention center, the taxis were able to drive extra slowly for all convention attendees to view the ads. The taxi ads were a big hit; the taxis themselves were heavily photographed and talked about.

As is visible in some of the pictures, convention attendees (as identified by luggage, suits and branded polos) were constantly near the taxis.

And for the Johnson & Johnson employees, an added benefit was that the taxis took them to dinner while other convention attendees had to wait in long taxi lines.

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