Employment Development Dept Advertises at Convenience, Grocery and Liquor Stores

Mar. 1, 2017

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The Employment Development Department (EDD) of California, through its agency, is reaching its various target demographics with advertising at convenience, grocery and liquor stores. Its message: Take advantage of the Paid Family Leave program to take care of family.

And with geographic targeting, the EDD is able to place specific creative in its target neighborhoods. The creatives target African Americans, Latinos and Punjabis.

The almost-400 stores with the one sheet ads are located in various parts of the state. From Los Angeles all the way up to Sacramento. The stores are a mix of convenience, liquor and small grocery stores. In Latino areas, the grocery stores or markets are referred to in Spanish as tiendas.

The 30" wide by 46" high one sheet ads are visible as people enter the stores and markets. Most people notice them as they enter the venue.

See the creatives below.

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