Deserve to Die Ads by Lung Cancer Alliance

July 2, 2012

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The genetically privileged deserve to die...if they have lung cancer," according to Lung Cancer Alliance.

Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA), through Laughlin Constable and Blue Line Media, is promoting awareness of lung cancer with controversial creative that has people talking.

In the ads, pictures of various types of people are displayed in characteristic form -- with a statement that reads "The ___________ deserve to die."

For the first week of the flight, the teaser ads only carried that statement along with LCA's logo. After that, reveal ads were posted that carried that statement along with a continuation to that statement that begins with "If they have lung cancer."

The intention of the ads is to teach citizens that lung cancer can be avoided by early detection, and that people should learn about the warning signs.

The ads are placed in several cities across the country, including in Miami, FL, where Blue Line Media placed them.

The ads include the following statements:

  • Cat Lovers Deserve to Die
  • The Genetically Privileged Deserve to Die
  • The Smug Deserve to Die
  • Crazy Old Aunts Deserve to Die
  • The Tattooed Deserve to Die
  • Hipsters Deserve to Die

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