Dept. of Health Uses Bathroom, Coaster, C-Store Ads & More to Deliver a Big Message

Apr. 1, 2013

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Using Blue Line Media, the health department for the county that includes the Silicon Valley is delivering news about a new law in a big way:

The Santa Clara Dept. of Health has a new law that prohibits smoking in all outdoor dining and drinking areas in the City of San Jose. And what better way to deliver the news than with ads in the places that are affected by the new law. The ads in bathrooms and on drink coasters in bars and restaurants are targeted towards the demographic that will be most affected by the new rule: drinkers who like to smoke cigarettes. The health department is also reaching the same demographic with convenience store ads, since most cigarette-purchases occur there. And with coffee sleeve ads, because smokers tend to be coffee drinkers.

The new rule is intended to improve the health of city residents by acting on scientific studies that have shown that second hand smoke kills innocent people every year.

This advertising comes on the heals of a previous anti-smoking ad campaign by the same health department.

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