CDC Promotes HIV Testing With Various Outdoor Ad Formats

August 13, 2012

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), through its agency, Better World Advertising, is utilizing various outdoor advertising formats through Blue Line Media for its "Testing Makes Us Stronger" campaign.

Comprised of billboards, subway platform ads, mobile billboards, taxi ads, bus shelter ads and more, the multiple-city ad campaign reaches male African Americans in an effort to encourage them to get tested for HIV. The ads present gay African Americans in different strength poses.

In addition to the campaign's general outreach in areas with a high density of gay African Americans, the CDC also uses outdoor ads to target various Pride festivals and parties. In Chicago, for example, bus shelter ads were placed near the host hotel to reach guests on their way to and back from Pride events. In Long Island, a mobile billboard was parked in front of both the host hotel and the ferry station that was the entrance to a Pride party on Fire Island. And for the same Long Island event, taxis with roof-top ads shuttled guests from the hotel to the ferry station.

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