Billboard Advertising in Mobile, AL

Static and digital billboards are commonplace in Mobile, Alabama. They are on roads, highways, streets and other areas - in both suburban and metro areas. Marketing plans for out of home advertising generally include billboards because they are cost effective, easy to change out and are visible day and evening.

Mobile, AL Billboard Advertising Data

No. of Billboards 65 (approx.)
Population 193,717 (approx.)
DMA No. 60
Race White 43%
Black 50%
Hispanic 3%
Other 4%
Median Income $38,759
Median Age 37

Mobile, AL Billboard Advertising Rates
(average per location per 4 weeks)

Bulletin (Large Billboard) $1,500
Digital Bulletin (Large Digital Billboard) $2,000
30 Sheet Poster (Medium Billboard) $900
Digital 30 Sheet Poster (Medium Digital Billboard) $1,100

Map of Mobile Billboards: