Billboard Advertising in Knoxville, TN

Home to multiple famous landmarks, Knoxville is a great place for billboards. And the billboards are numerous and in demand. Most advertisers buy them up in yearly terms, but lots of great billboards are available for other advertisers. They include static and digital billboards. The digital billboards are typically :10 slots that rotate every one to two minutes.

Knoxville, TN Billboard Advertising Data

No. of Billboards 300 (approx.)
Population 947,897 (approx.)
DMA No. 49
Race White 49%
Black 7%
Hispanic 35%
Other 9%
Median Income $66,697
Median Age 32

Knoxville, TN Billboard Advertising Rates
(average per location per 4 weeks)

Bulletin (Large Billboard) $3,000
Digital Bulletin (Large Digital Billboard) $4,000
30 Sheet Poster (Medium Billboard) $1,950
Digital 30 Sheet Poster (Medium Digital Billboard) $2,450

Map of Knoxville Billboards: