Billboard Advertising in Kansas City, MO

Billboards in Kansas City, MO are integral for almost any marketing campaign that wants to capture a larger market share in this city that shares a name with the city in the next state over. Kansas City billboards are available in both static and digital formats and are available in most parts of the city, including the outer suburban areas.

Kansas City, MO Billboard Advertising Data:

  • No. of Billboards: 125 (approx.)
  • Population: 481,360 (approx.)
  • DMA No. 31
  • Race
    • White: 55%
    • Black: 28%
    • Hispanic: 11%
    • Other: 6%
  • Median Income: $51,235
  • Median Age: 35

Kansas City, MO Billboard Advertising Rates (average per location per 4 weeks):

  • Bulletin (Large Billboard): $1,500
  • Digital Bulletin (Large Digital Billboard): $2,000
  • 30 Sheet Poster (Medium Billboard): $950
  • Digital 30 Sheet Poster (Medium Digital Billboard): $1,250

Map of Kansas City Billboards: