How to Advertise on Public Transit in 5 Simple Steps (Video)

Find Out How to Advertise on Public Transit

Transit advertising has long been a popular ad format for many advertisers. Transit ads are great in reaching people on a daily basis. Watch a brief video or read this short article to discover how to get your ads on public transit in five simple steps.

1. Select the Markets

The first step is to select the markets. Almost every ctiy across the United States has a transit system that offers transit advertising. Transit ads are available in almost every size market. Large markets include New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Medium size markets include Tacoma, St Louis and Jacksonville. And small size markets include Little Rock, Modesto and Fargo. Check out the link at the bottom of this article to see all the available cities.

2. Choose the Transit Ad Formats

Transit ads come in many different formats. A few examples include bus advertising, bench advertising, bus shelter advertising and train advertising. Choose the ad format that will reach your target demographic. Think about what your demographic does on a daily basis and what ad formats are visible to them. And remember that non-bus-riders (e.g., drivers and pedestrians) also see transit ads.

3. Crunch the Numbers

A crucial step is to calculate your available budget. This step will determine which transit ad formats work best for you. Most outdoor advertising gurus generally recommend spending enough money to reach 25% of the population on a daily basis. For most ad formats, this means spending about $2,500 per month in smaller cities, $5,000 per month in medium-size cities and over $10,000 per month in the large cities.

4. Pick the Advertising Period

Choose an advertising period that is in harmony with the launch of a new product or service. Or choose an advertising period right before a big event in your industry (e.g., if you are a flower seller, choose the 4 weeks before Valentine's Day). And remember to reserve the ad space well in advance, because space sells out quickly.

When choosing an advertising duration, remember that the minimum duration is 4 weeks, although the recommended duration for most advertisers is 12 weeks.

5. Get a Free Quote From a Transit Ads Agency

Now that you've completed the first four steps, it's time to get a free quote from a transit advertising agency. Be sure to provide the advertising period to the agency so that the quote will be specific to your time period. An agency like Blue Line Media can provide a free quote and availability for advertising across the country.

To begin advertising on transit with Blue Line Media, click here to see all the cities, ad formats and rates.

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